Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yelp Review of Au Cheval-5/27


5.0 star rating
I was genuinely excited to dine at Au Cheval and 100% was not let down. When we first walked in I felt like I was entering a diner in a David Fincher film. Everything about this space is slick. Luckily for us no one was making soap out of liposuction'd fat but they were making delicious upscale diner fare.

When we arrived at around 6 our party of four was sat in a comfy booth. I instantly felt relaxed and knew from the first second I walked in that I had every reason to be excited about taking it off my Chicago foodie wishlist. This is the type of place you should take out of towners to impress them.

Here is what we pigged out on:

Shared: Crispy Fries with a fried egg on top with Garlic Aoli and Mornay Sauce.

Me: General Jane's Fried Chicken (Crazy tasty)

Heidi: Fish of the Day/Grilled Salmon (Cooked rare but very tasty)

Eli: Grilled Cheese-(made with an amazing sharp cheddar)

Josh: Hash-browns with Duck Heart Gravy (This was the best thing any of us ordered.  It is really delicious and I had no clue ducks have hearts. You learn something new everyday!!)

We didn't try the cocktails or dessert but I can tell you they have a fantastic craft beer selection. Any restaurant that has Three Floyd's Robert the Bruce on tap is a friend of mine.

Besides the food being delicious and the decor being fincheresque, the service was absolutely impeccable. Extremely welcoming and I think my water glass was never empty. Don't let the fancy french name fool you. Au Cheval is really affordable as the four of us only spent $109.

Au Cheval more like Au SHITYEA!!