Friday, June 14, 2013

RIckshaw Republic is the Capital of Delicious Town USA!

Rickshaw Republic

2312 N Lincoln Ave
ChicagoIL 60614

Let me start off by saying…YUM! I may have nothing really to compare Indonesian Street Food to but I must say that this is the best Indonesian street food I have ever had. We rode our bikes there from Lakeview so this allowed us to pig out to the max. When we left they had to close the restaurant because we ate everything. Here is what we enjoyed:

Wings-HOLY SHIT THESE WINGS ARE DELICIOUS AND MASSIVE. IF YOU COME HERE ORDER THE WINGS. Ok I will stop yelling at you, I just get excited when I am served Fred Flinstone sized wings.

Pork Satay-Not Kosher but really delicious!

Martabak-Pan fried pancakes stuffed with egg, onions, and beef. Stuff me with beef you dirty pancake!

KETOPRAK-My buddy had this and I tried some. It was great but I think I would try one of their other entrees next time.

Kalasan Chicken- Roasted Chicken with Sambal sauce and coconut milk rice. Yum yums!

We each also had a Happy Soda which actually made us extremely happy. I hear the trick is they put a lot of love into the drink as well as some Seroquel (side effects might cause night terrors and extreme happiness)
All of this and it only cost us $68. Next time we will BYOB even though the Happy Soda’s made us J.

Five stars for the delicious apps, uniqueness, and friendly service.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yelp Review of Au Cheval-5/27

5.0 star rating
I was genuinely excited to dine at Au Cheval and 100% was not let down. When we first walked in I felt like I was entering a diner in a David Fincher film. Everything about this space is slick. Luckily for us no one was making soap out of liposuction'd fat but they were making delicious upscale diner fare.

When we arrived at around 6 our party of four was sat in a comfy booth. I instantly felt relaxed and knew from the first second I walked in that I had every reason to be excited about taking it off my Chicago foodie wishlist. This is the type of place you should take out of towners to impress them.

Here is what we pigged out on:

Shared: Crispy Fries with a fried egg on top with Garlic Aoli and Mornay Sauce.

Me: General Jane's Fried Chicken (Crazy tasty)

Heidi: Fish of the Day/Grilled Salmon (Cooked rare but very tasty)

Eli: Grilled Cheese-(made with an amazing sharp cheddar)

Josh: Hash-browns with Duck Heart Gravy (This was the best thing any of us ordered.  It is really delicious and I had no clue ducks have hearts. You learn something new everyday!!)

We didn't try the cocktails or dessert but I can tell you they have a fantastic craft beer selection. Any restaurant that has Three Floyd's Robert the Bruce on tap is a friend of mine.

Besides the food being delicious and the decor being fincheresque, the service was absolutely impeccable. Extremely welcoming and I think my water glass was never empty. Don't let the fancy french name fool you. Au Cheval is really affordable as the four of us only spent $109.

Au Cheval more like Au SHITYEA!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My New Angry Tommy Lee Jones Meme with Haiku's!

I just created this meme and I thought I would make some haiku's to go along with it. I hope you enjoy!

                                     Seasonal Affective Disorder by Matt Simons

                                                       Why so sad Tommy?
                                                       You abolished slavery.
                                                       With large golden globes.

                     That's not Funny Will Farrel and Girl From Bridesmaides by Matt Simons

                                                         Why the frown Tommy?
                                                         Not a fan of dry humor, huh?
                                                         Ahhh right, Kristen Wig.

                                      No Smiling For Old Men by Matt Simons
                                                     Why is Tommy sad?
                                                     No Globe for old Thaddeus.
                                                     Grumpy cat lives.

                                         CHEER UP TOMMY LEE JONES!!!                    


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Have you been on Rain Wilson's Soul Pancake?

My second question:

Have you met the Kid President yet?

Did I mention I love to Yelp?

                                      (Heidi playing Punch Out at Headquarters Beercade)

So given certain circumstances, I sometimes like to tell the world about my restaurant experiences on Yelp. I have heard all of the negative things everyone has has to say about Yelp and frankly I don't care. I love Yelp and I use it as a guide to find out where I want to go and sometimes even what to avoid.

As a matter of fact, you can find an amazing electrician named Howard Simons on Yelp. Go ahead and Google him, I dare you.

Take a gander at my two most recent reviews from my trip to Skyline Chili in Kentucky as well as my trip down memory lane to Headquarters Beercade (Click on the link to see my full reviews):

Headquarters Beercade

"When someone tells me lets go to an adult arcade I sort wonder what I am getting myself into. I mean I like porn but usually in the comfort of my own home." 

Skyline Chili-Hebron, Kentucky
"Wow, the first person to write a review for this classy establishment gave it one star! Um I think you may be confused. 1 star is really bad and I think you meant to give it 5 stars. I say this because I went into this experience with the proper expectations and I left extremely satisfied."

What is Grey Matter?

                                                  (My girlfriend Heidi and I in Nashville)

Wikipedia describes Grey Matter as the following:

GREY MATTER is made up of neuronal cell bodies. The grey matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, and speech.

This blog is not about the technicalities of Grey Matter (because I have no clue of what those are) but it is about what stimulates my senses. In a city like Chicago there are many things that stimulate my senses. Thankfully, unlike many other cities, Chicago isn't that stinky. As a matter of fact, when you are driving down Ohio Street and entering downtown Chicago you can sometimes even smell a cookie factory.

As long as your eyes are open, you will see things unlike anything you have ever experienced while walking down the urban sprawl that is the Windy City. My most recent trip to the Art Institute is a perfect example of that.

Chicago is home to me so it evokes many emotions and memories. From eating my favorite deep dish pizza (Lou Malnati's) or to visiting a place that makes me nostalgic (Headquarters Beercade), I will tell those stories and provide you with reviews from all of those places. But don't worry, this isn't Pleasantvile or The Truman Show.

Sometimes I will feel the need to get out of town and tell you about those adventures as well. Coming up soon is my trip to the Fancy Foods Expo in San Francisco, California. I am going to walk that show for my work as an Account Executive for the National Restaurant Association's Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Trade Show and the International Wine, Spirits and Beer Event.

I walk competitive trade shows all over the country to find new prospective companies that would have interest in selling their products or services to restaurant owners. In the past this has taken me to New York City and Anaheim. In 2013, I will also be visiting Washington, DC and Las Vegas, Nevada. The trade shows provide me with an overwhelming amount of things to taste, see, and feel. What are those things? You will just need to wait and find out.

Please don't hesitate to send me suggestions on places to check out here in Chicago or in any of the cities I am visiting. I look forward to hearing from you!