Friday, June 14, 2013

RIckshaw Republic is the Capital of Delicious Town USA!

Rickshaw Republic

2312 N Lincoln Ave
ChicagoIL 60614

Let me start off by saying…YUM! I may have nothing really to compare Indonesian Street Food to but I must say that this is the best Indonesian street food I have ever had. We rode our bikes there from Lakeview so this allowed us to pig out to the max. When we left they had to close the restaurant because we ate everything. Here is what we enjoyed:

Wings-HOLY SHIT THESE WINGS ARE DELICIOUS AND MASSIVE. IF YOU COME HERE ORDER THE WINGS. Ok I will stop yelling at you, I just get excited when I am served Fred Flinstone sized wings.

Pork Satay-Not Kosher but really delicious!

Martabak-Pan fried pancakes stuffed with egg, onions, and beef. Stuff me with beef you dirty pancake!

KETOPRAK-My buddy had this and I tried some. It was great but I think I would try one of their other entrees next time.

Kalasan Chicken- Roasted Chicken with Sambal sauce and coconut milk rice. Yum yums!

We each also had a Happy Soda which actually made us extremely happy. I hear the trick is they put a lot of love into the drink as well as some Seroquel (side effects might cause night terrors and extreme happiness)
All of this and it only cost us $68. Next time we will BYOB even though the Happy Soda’s made us J.

Five stars for the delicious apps, uniqueness, and friendly service.

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